A nicely dense, imagistic feel and a grasp of the nightmarish….study of a cracked psyche, using the tropes of scary children’s stories….

Acclaimed Horror Film Critic and ‘Empire’ Columnist Kim Newman

….a hugely impressive feature debut, a visual poem reminiscent of the masters of dreamlike cinema. This is the sort of movie that you come away from really glad that you’ve seen it because it has added something to your experience of the world.

UK Leading Genre Film Journalist MJ Simpson

….an eerie and imaginative dark fantasy dreamscape with a visual style reminiscent of directors such as Tim Burton and Guillermo del Toro….


The film certainly exudes style and flair from first time feature director Navin Dev. It’s packed with lots of great visuals and beautiful, horrifying settings. The movie paces itself in a way that it draws you in carefully before delivering some pretty nasty goods. 3/4 stars

Arrow in the

‘Red Kingdom Rising’ is a beautifully-made horror-fantasy moving through dark, dream waters that run deep, crafting genuine, disturbing horror….when someone makes an intelligent, atmospheric Brit horror movie like this they deserve some support. And distributors, you should be looking at this film and getting it out to audiences.

Forbidden Planet International

‘Red Kingdom Rising’ marks director Dev’s first feature film. You would never be able to tell since he directs with style and confidence. His script (as well as the finished film) is thought provoking and tight. It’s a visually stunning and psychologically horrifying film that once again proves there’s nothing more terrifying than the things that can happen to us in real life. 4 out of 5 stars.

….there’s others (films) that make you feel as though you’re watching a poem come to life where the story, actors, and f/x all come together in perfect balance to produce something both frightening and beautiful. This is where I put RED KINGDOM RISING. 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Anything Horror Central

With Red Kingdom Rising Director Navin Dev adds a worthy inclusion into the ranks of the top draw psychological outings. No matter how you come at this movie, it’s going to deliver on your requirements, hence two thumbs up, full recommendation, knock yourself out kids. Does Britain have another rising horror director who writes his own scripts? Time will tell, but pencil in the name you’ll be hearing a lot more from this young film maker. 10/10


One of the best independent horror movies I’ve ever seen. The story is original and interesting, not your everyday horror movie. 8 out of 10 stars.

The Horror Movies Blog

A nice hidden gem which I hope gets more recognition and exposure in the horror world….If Wonderland is the metaphorical world inside Alice’s head, or indeed within our head what happens when we hide from the dark places that we create within it. Places that always find a way to push themselves to the surface. This is the perspective of ‘Red Kingdom Rising’.

Pissed Off Geek

Navin Dev’s ‘Red Kingdom Rising’ is a perfect visual journey through childhood trauma and the attempt to reconcile those horrible memories in order to heal. The telling of this hellish fairytale is intense and macabre.

A Southern Life in Scandulous Times

For his first stint behind the camera, Dev manages to defy low-budget constraints and craft an intensely creepy world that borders on a nightmarish psychosis. This twisted trail into Mary Ann’s subconscious is backlit by an intense moodiness and enough threatening imagery to plague your thoughts for hours after watching. With ‘Red Kingdom Rising’, Navin Dev has delved deep into our darkest nightmares, it’ll be interesting to see where he goes next. 3/5

Horror Talk

Keep an eye on this film. This is a horror film that will scare you, freak you out, make you laugh, and make you cry… often just minutes apart from one another. Movies like this do not come along often, and I highly advise that you seek it out the second that it becomes available in some way. A perfect film, 10/10.

The Movies Made Me Do It

The writing and direction are flawless, the acting performances have depth and integrity, and the perfect score helps to blend reality and fantasy seamlessly together. Eat Horror This is a real Lynchian/Freudian surrealist endeavor we got here…it’s a cerebral movie that forces you to watch it and it’s certainly an engrossing watch. In fact considering this is essentially an indie movie, it punches very much above its weight in almost every regard.

Horror Chronicles

The disturbing imagery utilized within the production is genius. It’s unsettling and strange all the while perfectly tells the story. Throughout the horror adventure, different elements of the fairytale are utilized all the while capturing an originality that is rarely seen. 8/10

Scared Stiff Reviews

I knew this was an indie film but I kept thinking to myself, man the production in this film is fantastic. The look, the camera angles, the use of lighting, all play a factor in this film and really all have meaning. There is a lot of thought in this film to specific imagery. When you think you might have seen something in this film that correlates to the story, believe me you are not seeing things. They have a purpose.

Horror Smorgasbord

Strong performances. A decent story that doesn’t stay all in one place for too long. A solid script with solid dialogue, and a very dark tone to events and the story. 3.5 out of 4 stars.

Horror Movies & Stuff

One must also say that Navin Dev has created something special with his first feature length film. From the first moment of the film (we are) projected into a dark, depressing world in which one cannot be certain about anything. The atmosphere is certain in the beginning yet the story changes over again and again between psychological and physical horror throwing the audience around into all sorts of the grotesque – 8/10, Translated from German

Tofu Nerdpunk (German)

….this movie is just wonderful, thanks to Navin Dev’s marvelous script and superb direction…..grim, atmospheric and creepy as f*ck. 8/10.

Maynard Morrissey’s Horror Movie Diary

A voir, que vous soyez fan ou non du roman de Carroll (See it, whether or not you’re a fan of the Carroll novel). 7/10 (French)

Director Navin Dev has the potential, one can draw parallels with Guillermo del Toro and his visual style. But he must get more money, what he does with the story and the visual style shows that much lives in him. The music is also good, I think that was the film’s strongest point. It creates an eerie mood. Translated from Norwegian.

Captain Charismas Blog (Norwegian)

‘Red Kingdom Rising’ is original and interesting. It’s beautifully made, filled with stunning visuals (often both intense and macabre) and intriguing images. ‘Red Kingdom Rising’ is the first feature from Navin Dev, he has previously made shorts, and it’s a very impressive debut. I recommend it highly! 7/7

Independent Flicks

For those that love dark fantasies, ‘Red Kingdom Rising’ is a solid watch. Keep an eye out for it…Navin Dev’s film is a delightful indie piece. Dev creates some nice set pieces, and the horror elements and quirkiness of the film are original and satisfactory. Dev’s film is dark and fractured, and a joy to watch.

Movie Cynics

In my opinion, stories that deal well with issues of abuse are few and far between. They make us uncomfortable, certainly, but it’s so important to tell those stories. The victims have so much shame and guilt…Finding ways to talk about them, especially in somewhat metaphoric ways, like in your film, are paramount…thank you for choosing to embrace a subject few people are willing to handle, and doing so in such a compassionate and beautiful way.

Mythic Pictures

I honestly can’t find one thing wrong with this film… I know, shocking isn’t it? It’s a twistedly beautiful film that every fantasy horror fan should watch.

Twisted Central

If you want to see an independent production that goes all out to create atmosphere, draw you into a psychological game and mess with your childhood stories while also dealing with very mature themes, then you should give this a shot.

Film Bizarro

It is produced brilliantly on a small budget by a first timer showing that if a film maker is passionate enough they can produce something good. 3 out of 5 stars.

Movie Farm


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